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Japanese police nab spyware suspect

January 27, 2006

Atsushi Takewaka, 31, is accused of conspiring with Kiichi Hirayama, 41, to use a spyware program to steal Internet banking passwords that were later used to withdraw money from online accounts.

According to police, Takekawa is alleged to have told them, "I created the spyware in about three months using a range of software. I wanted money to live on."

Hirayama is said by police to have also admitted attempting to steal money out of bank accounts by sending CD ROMs to firms that, when run on a PC, would install the spyware, noting that the two men have admitted to stealing around ¥3 million ($25,904) in this way.

Takewaka is believed to have developed the spyware program at Hirayama's request, the Kyodo News report said.

Investigators believe Takewaka and Hirayama used a smiliar method to steal the online banking password belonging to a jewelry retailer in Kawasaki, Japan, according to the Kyodo report. The two sent the spyware to the company by e-mail and then used the password to steal ¥216,000 ($1,865) from that account, it said.

Police have accused the two men of using similar tactics to illegally withdaw about ¥11 million $94,981) from nine accounts at Mizuho Bank, eBank Corp and Japan Net Bank, as reported by Sophos in July 2005.





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