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Cox introduces free anti-phishing software

February 27, 2006

The new Anti-Phishing security software redirects customers from phishing Web sites designed to illegally gather personal information, and instead links customers to an educational Cox-branded Web page.

The new Anti-Phishing software is the newest component of Cox's security software suite that was introduced in April 2005. Cox Communications collaborated with Authentium, Inc. to bring this software to market.

The sophisticated software can detect links to phishing sites within e-mail or webmail; hidden links within graphics which subtly enable information gathering without launching the victim's Internet browser; and circumvents a new technique used by phishers that shows a legitimate-looking URL that, once clicked, re-directs to the phishing site. In all of these cases, a customer with the Anti-Phishing software would be safely redirected to the Cox Web page instead of the counterfeit site.

Once downloaded, the new Anti-Phishing software automatically checks every Internet address that a customer's PC attempts to connect with against a comprehensive list of known phishing sites. The list of known phishing sites is constantly updated - even within an hour of a rogue site being reported.

If a customer attempts to connect with a listed URL, a Cox-branded Web page cautions the customer that they have been blocked from a phishing site. This warning page contains a brief description of phishing, links to more information, and - while it is not advised - it gives the customer the option to proceed to the blocked Web site.

The new software is available to all Cox High Speed Internet customers who download Cox's free security suite.

To-date, over 500,000 customers have downloaded the free security software. The customized suite provides a convenient way for customers to manage security and includes six other applications: Anti-Virus, Firewall, Parental Controls, Anti-Spyware, Spam Blocker and Pop-Up Blocker. An easy-to-use interface designed by Cox gives customers a convenient place to manage online settings and alerts.

"Ensuring our customers have a safe broadband experience is a top priority for Cox," said Steve Gorman, vice president Product Marketing & Management, High Speed Internet. "Cox's new Anti-Phishing software is part of our ongoing campaign to keep our customers productive and worry-free online by providing valuable information and software at no extra charge."

The security software can be accessed by visiting www.safeisbeautiful.com.





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