Commtouch unveils image-based spam defense

May 15, 2006

Commtouch unveiled its new defense against spam containing pictures but no text or Web hyperlinks.

Spammers have created sophisticated methods of varying their images slightly with each spam attack, making it even more difficult for most anti-spam technologies to catch this type of spam.

Commtouch's patented Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology matches recurrent patterns across similar messages, regardless of the content or language of the message, and regardless of variations in the messages.

The enhanced Commtouch solution can decode images in spam, allowing the RPD technology to block image-based spam.

"Over the past several months, through processing billions of email messages, we identified an increase in this particular subset of spam, containing images only," said Amir Lev, Commtouch's Chief Technology Officer.

"Traditional anti-spam technology -- such as content-based, Bayesian filtering, Heuristics and URL filtering -- is practically defenseless against this image-based spam, leaving organizations open to floods of these types of email," said Lev.